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NAPCO I See Video cameras are very affordable network wireless cameras. They set up in minutes, with no need to configure your router.  The video storage is off site and secure with a small monthly storage fee for the video service.  You can view the live video on your smart phone or on the internet. 

We have installed these in businesses and residences with great customer success.  The most common use of the camera is to see who is in the drive way and to view the interior door.  Some other uses have been to look at the ski slopes and rivers around our beautiful valley.     

Please click on the video's below to view NAPCO Security Camera Demonstration.

Please click on the video below to see a demonstration of Napco I see cameras. 

Napco has perfected the technology of affordable cameras and with remote viewing on your smart phone.  The ability to see your home cameras on your I-Pad at any time is a great peace of mind.  The camera set up time is minimal with great reliability.