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Mar 5

Written by: Vail Electronics
3/5/2010 12:05 PM  RssIcon

We are all thinking of ways to save money, and it’s also the time of year when part-time residents are putting their homes into “hibernation.” As a part of this process thermostats are turned down, electrical devices are unplugged, and some take the added steps of suspending their cable or satellite TV and telephone services.

While these are all effective steps to take to save money, one thing that is often overlooked is the alarm system. If phone service to the house is suspended, the alarm panel can no longer communicate with the monitoring company and the house is no longer protected. Most security companies will receive a notice that the phone line to the security panel is no longer active and will remind the customer to re-activate the phone line in order to ensure that the home is protected. A better way of saving money is to temporarily downgrade rather than deactivating the phone service completely. Most security panels only need to receive local calls and dial out to local or toll free numbers meaning that added services like long distance, voice mail, and Internet can probably be suspended without affecting the alarm panel. Please check with your security company to determine exactly what your system requires.

Vail Electronics can offer remote property awareness and control suggestions as well as additional cost saving options for part-time residents and property managers. Please call us today to schedule a free in-home consultation.