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Jun 23

Written by: Vail Electronics
6/23/2010 12:14 PM  RssIcon

In May, the Steamboat Springs City Council adopted a new Ordinance creating a “Fee Schedule for Excessive and/or Unnecessary Emergency Alarms”. The ordinance divides false alarms into three categories. Category I false alarms are accidental and will not incur fines. Category II false alarms cover system malfunctions, user error, and undetermined causes – these will incur fines beginning with the second offense. The last Category covers malicious or mischievous actions, these are finable and are also illegal.

  • The fines for Category II false alarms begin at $200 for the second offense and increase by $100 for each offense in a twelve month period. There is no limit to the number or amount of fees that may be imposed in any given twelve month period.
  • The alarm system owner will be fined for any individual system that has two or more Category II false alarms.
  • The alarm monitoring or maintenance company will be fined if they have two or more Category II alarms at any combination of properties within a twelve month period.
  • The owner or general contractor will receive the fine for any new construction projects that have two or more Category II false alarms within a twelve month period.

If necessary repairs are made and written notice is given to Fire and/or Law Enforcement personnel within thirty days of the fineable false alarm, the owner may be eligible to receive a fifty percent rebate on the fine if the appropriate Fire and/or Law Enforcement personnel determine that all necessary repairs have been made.

If the contracted alarm companies or general contractors fail to pay the accrued fines, they will be passed on to the owner of the alarm system. Owners of alarm systems with fines more than 90 days past due shall have a perpetual lien placed against the property.