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Oct 1

Written by: Vail Electronics
10/1/2010 12:19 PM  RssIcon

Ted Sprague, Sales Manager and System Designer with Vail Electronics recently attended CEDIA EXPO in Atlanta, Georgia. CEDIA is the "Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, and their annual EXPO is the premier tradeshow in the residential electronic systems industry.

Remote control of home electronics via the internet and mobile devices continues to be one of the biggest areas of development. This technology gives us control over lighting, thermostats, alarm systems, video recorders, and even individual electrical outlets at a much more cost effective price point than ever before. Saving energy and money at the same time that you add convenience!

Here are some of the highlights from my recent trip to CEDIA Expo 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Bendable display screen from NanoLumens ( See my personal blog ( for more information on this exciting technology.
  • Waterproof, recessed, flush-mount TV from Seura. Now you can have a TV above the bathtub, or even in the shower. Meets electrical code for use in wet locations. They also have an extensive selection of custom colors to match any décor.
  • Wireless lighting keypads, thermostats, and remote temperature sensors from Lutron.
  • Lutron also has control for raise, lower and tilt on motorized window blinds.
  • Control almost any device through the internet with IP to IR/RS-232/contact closure adaptors from Global Cache.
  • Internet control of individual electrical outlets via Panamax BlueBolt (shipping in 2011).
  • Crestron continues to have the most new products in the world of home automation, and getting into a Crestron control system is now easier and less expensive than ever before with individual room control starting at about less than $1200.
  • Kaleidescape continues to be the best choice for media servers and now has BluRay storage capabilities. The system uses a “vault” to store the physical discs. The vault is attached to the home network and as long as the BluRay Disc is seen on the home network, the content stored on the media server can be legally streamed throughout the home.
  • Special kid’s remote allows kids to only see titles in their view group. The is a much more efficient way of managing children’s content than the “parental control” passwords.
  • Panasonic has set the new world record for the largest plasma TV with its 152” screen. The $500k pricetag may also be a record!
  • Audio distribution to 6 rooms (speakers sold separately) including individual touch screens in each room, built in AM/FM tuner and inputs for six additional sources, iPod connectivity with full data and control transmission to the touch screens, and connectivity and control of Lutron Radio RA2 lighting controls. All for $3600. System is expandable for up to 12 zones of audio.
  • 9.2 channel surround sound demos – while the Dolby PL IIz format adds front height channels, the Audyssey DSX adds front high and wide channels for an absolutely amazing sound stage.
  • Theater seating that moves with the action on screen continues to gain traction (d-box) but to me it is a huge detractor from the theater experience – even worse is when it is paired to 3D.

If you have questions about (or would like to purchase) any of the products mentioned, please contact Ted Sprague at Vail Electronics.

970-827-9120 or

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